Mr. LuffBorough, Assistant Principal, 
Dr. Francisco, Assistant Principal, 

The mission of Joseph Jenks Middle School, is to promote a culturally diverse community of life-long learners, provide opportunities for ALL students to become effective communicators, and problem-solvers aspiring to the highest standards to succeed in today's society. Embedding the concentrations of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics to everyday learning; to inspire, challenge and engage students through an interdisciplinary approach with opportunities for research and exploration through project based learning.

Susan Doss: Librarian

Beltis Custals DeDespradel: Spanish

Melissa Taurisano: Art

Janet Daiber: Theatre

George Correia: Music

Adam Genest: Music

Tammy Drape: Physical Education

Harris Nachbar: Physical Education

Ryan Long: Physical Education

Tammy Drape: Physical Education

Eliza Desrosiers: Math Intervention

Susan Doss:   Media Center/Library

Brittany Taylor: English Language Support


Support Staff


Paul O'Neill, Ann Boucher, Kyle Heaton: Facilities Management

Officer Uve Sommer: Pawtucket Police



Al Travassos: Guidance Counselor 

Jill Rihani: Guidance Counselor 

Mary Ellen Bowron: Clerk

Linda Bienstock: Clerk

Maura Boragine: Nurse



Polly Lehourites: Evaluation Team Leader

Caitlin Fitzpatrick: Speech Therapist

Joy Mitchell: Social Worker

Suelem Rosalino: Social Worker

Tanya Miyashiro-Silva: Psychologist

Jeffrey Kafalas: Occupational Therapist

Pam Bradley: Adaptive Physical Education

Laura Lee: Physical Therapist

Jen Rebelo: Physical Therapist


Andrew Leveille: Teacher Facilitator of Learning


350 Division Street
Pawtucket, RI 02860

Ph No. 401-729-6520
Fax No. 401-729-6523